The roots of today's HOTEL SIEGBOOT date back to 1928. The qualified agent Ewald Heikaus carefully  converted  the then residential property and the storage facilities in Eiserfelder Straße into a cafe with an alcohol free bar. The great location on the Siegauen even attracted holidaymakers from Berlin and summer guests from the Ruhr area to come to Eiserfeld.

After hard times during the war in the 1940s and the rebuilding which followed Liselotte Kahmer, née Heihaus, ensured that the upturn in the hotel and restaurant business continued up until 1978 with 11 new rooms. In 1977 Lothar Kahmer and his wife Heidi joined the company.

Shortly afterwards in 1982 the capacity was extended to 29 single and double rooms with a total of 40 beds. And the success story of the HOTEL SIEGBOOT and TOMMIS RESTAURANT continues: in 2002 the children Sandra Kahmer-Dach (qualified hotel manager) and Thomas Kahmer (state examined in commerce and a chef) join the management of their parents’ company. 

Following the conversion of the TOMMIS RESTAURANT and the renovation of all hotel rooms, the brother and sister pave the way for a future which is to be just as successful.

Guests of the family for over 80 years - we wish you a warm welcome too!