Company philosophy

The aim
We provide high-level, varied catering and a hotel service in a cosy atmosphere for people who know what it's like to be spoilt. When we say high-level we don't mean expensive but a balanced relationship between price and service in order to guarantee the commercial success within the given parameters. The services for any kind of culinary needs are included in this for both Hotel Siegboot and Tommis Restaurant.

The guests
Our guests are the focus of our work. We gain trust through good service and through a high-level of benefits on offer we are able to build long-term relationships and always pay attention to the problems and needs of our guests. We manage our business in a no nonsense, honourable manner.

The team
Our staff form the key capital when dealing with our guests in all areas. We develop them in line with their gifts and abilities and we ask them to deliver our high level of service every day. Humanity, liberalism and transparency characterise the way we deal with each other. This basic attitude makes it possible for each staff member to implement improvements, to make mistakes and to learn from these. Through jointly striving to achieve the successful management of the business jobs are guaranteed. For all staff members we have on offer opportunities for professional development and personal self-realisation.

The suppliers
In line with our standards we only buy items with recognised quality and freshness. When processing them we take great care. The relationships we have with our key suppliers are long-term. We promote dialogue for continuous product improvement. Our suppliers know what our aims are.

The colleagues
We respect our staff. We seek cooperation and want to work together in the sense of good hospitality.

The image
We aim to have the image of being a hotel restaurant in our town with a good reputation. We are a traditional family run business in the fourth generation.