AGB Hotel Siegboot

Siegboot Hotel und Gastronomie GmbH & Co.KG
general terms of business for room reservations

1. Conclusion of contract
The contract is concluded as soon as the room/s are reserved and confirmed or, if a confirmation of the booking is not possible due to time constraints, provided. This also applies for services which have been agreed upon under item 5. Optional dates are binding for both contract parties. The hotel reserves the right to let the reserved room/s to other customers after expiration of the optional dates. A list of participants should be given to the hotel at least 4 (four) days in advance of the stay if several people intend to stay (especially groups, seminars, conferences). If the person who makes the reservation is not the host/organizer at the same time both are liable as joint debtors.

2. Exclusion of third parties
Claims and rights from the agreements with the hotel can only be transferred to third parties with consent of the hotel keeper.

3. Deposit
If advance payments requested by the hotel are not paid by the given date (unless no date given – 30 days before arrival at the latest) the hotel keeper is released from any agreements reached.

4. Arrival and departure
Without any other written agreement rooms are not available before 2 p. m. and rooms must be left by 10 a.m. on day of departure (Sundays and bank holidays by 11 a.m.). The hotel reserves the right to give reserved rooms to third parties after 6 p.m. unless a later time of arrival has been agreed upon explicitly.

5. Services
The kind of services agreed upon in the contract are defined by the currently valid price list and the details given in the booking confirmation. A reimbursement, compensation or credit of booked yet not used services is not possible. If the period between conclusion of contract and provision of services exceeds four months or the statutory value added tax (VAT) changes the hotel reserves the right to conduct respective changes of price without prior notice.
Since January 1, 2010, overnight stays and breakfast have been shown separately. A general invoice comprising overnight stay including breakfast cannot be issued any longer as both are taxed differently (overnight stay 7% VAT, breakfast 19% VAT).

6. Rooms
Our hotel offers smoking and non-smoking rooms. We would like to point out that smoking is strictly prohibited in our non-smoking rooms and areas. Failure to comply will induce the hotel to charge a fee of 20.00€ as the room cannot be let again as a non-smoking room for the day.

7. Cancellation and change of reservation by the guest
A cancellation is possible until the second day before arrival (group reservations until the 20th day). No cancellation fees apply. For a later cancellation or not making use of the room the host is obligated to pay 80% of the room price, 60% for B&B agreements and/or all-inclusive prices or arrangements as a compensation to the hotel. This is valid for the complete duration of the reserved contract. The hotel is entitled to let rooms not taken otherwise to avoid deficits if possible.

8. Cancellation by the hotel
The hotel is compelled to offer a room of equal value in a hotel of a comparable category if the room cannot be let to the guest. Moreover the hotel takes over possible taxi costs from the reserved hotel to the replacement hotel.

9. Liability
The contractual partner of the hotel or the guest/ host is fully liable to the hotel keeper for damages caused by themselves or their guests. Any use of the rooms let to the guest other than agreed allows the hotel to terminate the contract without notice without decreasing the claim for a full remuneration. If the hotel is kept from executing services because of force majeure or strike liability for damages cannot result from this.

10. Wake-up calls
The hotel will try to execute any wake-up calls with utmost care. Liability for damages because of neglect are however excluded.

11. Lost and found
Items left behind will only be sent by request. The hotel guarantees keeping items for 3 months. After that the items will be given to the local lost-and-found agency if they are of considerable value.

12. Services by third parties
The hotel arranges or bills services by third parties. There is no liability for the hotel for services by third parties.

13. Guest invoices
Invoices have to be paid immediately on departure.

14. Invoices
Invoices sent due to prior credit agreement must be paid within 10 days net. Any delays in payment will be charged with a monthly interest on late payments of 4%. The hotel is entitled to refuse foreign exchange, cheques and credit cards. A provision of 10% will be charged on all disbursements and services by third parties for payment by credit card. Vouchers of travel agencies are only accepted if there is a credit agreement with the respective company or if a payment has been made in advance. A reimbursement by vouchers for possible yet not used services to the guest is not possible.
Bookings made via online platforms (HRS,, booking, hotel homepage, etc.) must be paid at the hotel. Cost transfer to the company is only possible for direct bookings (via e-mail, fax, phone) and after sending a declaration of cost transfer unless the company has a company rate agreement with the hotel.

15. General terms
Terms and conditions apply subject to errors and misprints/calculation mistakes. The host agrees to the storage of the data given in the reservation form and of statistic details of the stay by electronic data processing of the hotel. The host accepts the general terms and conditions of the hotel with the reservation. For all disputes resulting from this contract and its compliance the law court at the place of business is declared responsible as far as legally permissible. Should one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions be invalid or should this be the case in the future, this has no effect on the validity of the other provisions.